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Apple hospitality is nothing but a reversed mortgage

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:13 pm
by kitarod200
Apple hospitality is nothing but a reversed mortgage. For the past two years I was receiving dividends but it was actually my own money. I don’t believe in a break even, I believe in growth and income, why bother investing. 30k have been wiped out of my account as soon as they were transferred to my brokerage account in another firm. This was a well calculated deal by apple and David learner. They would be the winners and the investors the losers, I hope not but so far. To make up for the difference I have to get more than 11.30 dollars per share, the share is now $10.30. Everyone celebrates that they are getting their money back, what money, such idiots and idiots make rich people richer. The day of salvation will be May 18th and it will either be a new day or doom’s day or a new bright day but Apple and DL will get $11 per share whatever the outcome will be.