MacKenzie Capital Management Tender Offer

How much longer?
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MacKenzie Capital Management Tender Offer

Post by GaryS1001 » Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:18 am

Anyone thinking about selling to MacKenzie for $7... There's a company Central Trade and Transfer where Apple Hospitality Reit is selling for well over $9.00, $9.24 right now.
I sold 5000 shares in mid-May. (I wanted to hold out for a sale, but I needed the cash).

Here's how it works:
I spoke to Mr. Chad Gardner about my Apple Hospitality Reit shares that I have with Lerner.
Told him what I wanted to sell, and he e-mailed the forms to me as an attachment (about 15 pages).
The last three pages had to be notarized (Gold stamped) so I brought them to my bank and got that done that very same day.
I faxed them back to him about an hour later.
Mr. Gardner listed my shares the next day.
Four days later it sold.
About four weeks after that I got my money $42,000 ($45,000 -6% commission to CT&T).
Not as good as a IPO or sale, but like I said, I needed the cash.

Good luck to all of you.

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